Feb 19, 2019
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Spain Civil War Medal – 1st type

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1st type Spanish civil war medal.

These 1st type medals are difficult to determine from Photos only. They are considerably heavier than the later versions and the detailing is not so fine. Later issues (manufactured up until the 1990’s) are commonly encountered in their box and grease proof paper from the company INDUSTRIAS EGANA.

Obverse depicts the Spanish eagle above a shield of the different Spanish Regions and the Falange sheath of arrows. At the base is a stylized representation of a medieval knights helmet. The words “ARRIBA ESPANA” – Literally translated to “Go Spain” appear imemdiatly below the ribbon ring attachment. UNA GRANDE LIBRE IMPERIAL is inscribed around the lower rim translating to “A great free Empire”

On the Obverse the Lion of Facism is seen to defeat the Communist eagle (Curious that both sides claimed the eagle as their emblem… But then again both sides considered God to be on their side as well) under the rays of a sun burst. This scene is superimosed upon the Catholic cross. In the upper left corner can be found “17 JULIO 1936” effectivly the start of hostilities following the declaration of a Coup at 1700 that day.

Spanish civil war medal reverse - 1st type

Spanish civil war medal reverse – 1st type

Close up Obverse

Close up Obverse

Close up reverse

Close up reverse

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