May 23, 2019
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Germany WW2 High Seas Fleet badge HSF marked R.S. – Rudolf Souval

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German WW2 Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet badge (HSF) by the manufacurer Rudolf Souval of Wien / Vienna denoted by the R.S. marking in relief on the reverse. Depicting a naval battleship steaming out of an oakleaf wreath with the Kriegsmarine Eagle crowning the design is certainly “striking” as the ship bears down face on.

This particular badge has suffered tarninshing / loss of gilding (the gold wash) around 40% of the wreath but overall retains a pleasing patina.

Note: Some RS or Rudolf Souval badges were produced post 1945 and as always many copies abound. It is highly recomended to do an exhaustive comparison of fine details with known originals.

Eagle detail of R.S. HSF badge

Close up of the Kriegsmarine Eagle detail on the obverse of the R.S. HSF badge


Deatiling High seas fleet obverse

Within the deatiling of the front of the High seas fleet obverse particular attention should be paid to the fine details. For example windows, portholes and the barrells of the cannons.


RS HSF reverse

RS HSF reverse with slight “scooping” (dish shaped back of badge) clearly showing the long needle pin used for wear on uniform.


RS HSF hinge detail

RS HSF hinge detail – Standard folded hinge retains the needle. Note that there is a raised “pillow” upon which the hinge is soldered to the badge.


HSF RS catch plate

HSF RS catch plate with round wire catch and supporting disc which is then soldered to the badge reverse.


RS manufacturing mark

Raised RS manufacturing mark for Rudolf Souval achieved by being cast directly into the reverse. Note the style and font of the lettering as an aid to authentication (not definitive on its own but an aid none the less)

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