May 30, 2019
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CCCP WW2 Defence of the Soviet Arctic medal – Type 1

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Type 1 (1940’s) variation of the Soviet campaign medal for Defence of the Arctic. Covering principally the Murmansk and Finnish border disputes the enemy in this theatre was more the climate / weather than the axis forces.

Believed to be a Type / Variation 1 example but could be type 3. If someone could comment clarifying the matter it would be most appreciated. There are no manufacturer / mint markings on the bronze medal.

Soviet Arctic campaign medal Obverse

Soviet Arctic campaign medal Obverse depicting a typical Soviet soldier with fur hat and machine pistol superimposed upon tanks, naval warship and aircraft representing the different arms of service. Wording around the rim states, literally translated, “Defence of the Soviet Tras Arctic”. 

Reverse of the Soviet WW2 campaign medal for the Arctic

Reverse of the Soviet WW2 campaign medal for the Arctic with the common reverse of the majority of the second world war campaign medals: “Defence of our motherland” crested by the ever present hammer and sickle.


Modern pentagonal mount

Modern pentagonal mount not original to the medal as is commonly the case. It is far easier to change the mount than to change the ribbon!

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