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Here we endeavour to maintain a series of the more frequent or popular requests we see through the Contact us form.

What is Medalcheck?
Medalcheck is a free medal and badge, user uploaded, image database providing a resource for authentication and identification to the collecting community.

Note: By the very nature of what they represent military, political and civil medals & badges may be connected to organisations responsible for reprehensible acts of violence or atrocities. Medalcheck does not endorse those organisations, their ideologies nor does it share them.

Why join medalcheck?
– Its Free
– Authenticate your own medals or badges and those of others
– Share and identify fake, copy or reproduction medals
– Comment upon medals and add detail to their history
– ….. Finally identify those obscure badges or medals that have sat their for years!
What if my category is not there?
No action necessary, by default your medal will automatically be submitted to the “UNIDENTIFIED” section where the administrators will quickly be able to identify and create the appropriate category.
What if a medal is a copy or fake?
In the first instance you may rate the originality of the medal quickly by using the “thumbs up” “thumbs down” at the top of each page. If you wish to share your knowledge of why the medal is not a genuine medal a comment would be beneficial to all.

But Please keep in mind No one likes finding out or admitting that they have a fake or copy medal in their collection, a good choice of clear but polite words is advised.

I have a medal that I dont know what it is?
Please add the medal to the site and it will automatically be added to the Unidentified category.
Can I upload my medal and advertise it for sale?
Currently this is not envisaged or endorsed by the site and is made almost impossible by the absence of user to user interfaces. Other sites already fulfill this role in the collector community.
I have a business / commercial activity, Can I participate?
YES! But you have to give back to the collecting community!

We offer two ways for commercial participation in the site:
1, You register as a user, add a medal/badge and you may include as the final image a banner with link to your site homepage. See this Example submission -> French campaign medal – Upper Silesia
2, Want exposure to all the medal listings on a rotating basis so that your banner / link to your activity is in front of the members and visitors? Please make use of the Contact us form.